GT Services

GT Advocate:

Ms. Northcutt-Benson, Magnet Director. Please contact me anytime at or 512-841-4864.

Gifted & Talented Nominations Process:

The window to nominate students for AISD's Gifted and Talented program opens on September 21st and closes on October 2nd. These dates are firm due to the tight fall timeline set by AISD. Parents and teachers can nominate students for Gifted & Talented screening by completing the google form found in our September 18th newsletter which is archived on this website OR by emailing Ms. Northcutt. Students can also nominate themselves!

How does AISD's GT Program Work? What are the benefits for my student?

AISD recognizes giftedness in Humanities (English Language Arts &/or Social Studies) and STEM (Math &/or Science). Once a student is identified in any areas, they must be in an advanced class in their area of giftedness. The GT identifications guarantees students access to these courses and ensures that they are in classes with peers of their ability, which is important for their academic and social-emotional well-being. Advanced classes at Lively include: Pre-AP, Advanced Math courses, Magnet ELA and Magnet Social Studies courses. The GT designation stays with the student throughout their educational career. AISD also has the Talent Explore Program. This program is for high achieving students who did not qualify for GT services. The TE Program identifies these students to ensure they pursue advanced classes and are prioritized for GT screening in their future. These students are also highly encouraged to attend Lively's After School GT Club, which is open to any Lively student who would like to participate. 

What if my child was already identified by AISD or a school or district out of AISD?

Once identified by AISD, students do not need to re-test. The identification stays with them throughout their school career. Families who have joined us from out of AISD that have students who have been identified by previous schools can send their documentation to Ms. Northcutt to forward to the Advanced Academic Office in AISD for consideration. 

How do I nominate my student?

To nominate your student, please fill out the google form in our September 18th newsletter or email Ms. Northcutt. There will then be a parent checklist to complete that is linked below. Without this checklist, the identification process cannot occur. The checklist can be returned to the Lively Front Office or emailed to Ms. Northcutt. 

What is the Identification Process?

The GT identification process considers quantitative and qualitative data. The GT Committee collects four pieces of data to assess students:

  1. CoGat Test-Due to virtual learning and concerns over testing interruptions this year, AISD is replacing the CoGat with student's old STAAR scores. We can usually pull all of our student's STAAR scores as long as they have been in AISD the previous year. Lively will also accept any other standardized test scores that are norm-referenced.
  2. The Parent Checklist (attached below) 
  3. The Teacher Checklist 
  4. Voice and Choice student Project: This is a choice project that students will complete and turn in by October 30th. This project should be completed by the student with minimal help from adults. (attached below)

What is the GT Identification Timeline?

September 21st-October 2nd: Student Referral Window

October 13th: DEADLINE for Parent Checklist turn-in. This form also serves as permission for us to assess your student.

October 13th-30th:Teacher Complete checklist/Students complete the Voice & Choice project/All STAAR scores pulled or other standardized tests are turned into Ms. Northcutt NOTE: All items inlcuding Voice & Choice may be turned into the Lively Front Office or emailed/google drived to Ms. Northcutt at

November 2-20: GT Campus Committee reviews assessments and makes decisions regarding GT and Talent Explore placements.

November 30th:December 16th: Parent Notification Letters mailed to families.

January 6th 2021: Services begin for newly identified students.

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