Sarah Beth Lively Middle School

Lively Magnet Application Process: 2024-2025 School Year

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Thank you for your interest in the Lively Magnet Program! Our online application is now live. Please apply after you have read through the information. Please note there are three steps to applying-be sure you do all three to receive all information. You can find detailed information on the testing process on the Admissions Testing page. 
The Enroll Austin platform will automatically send the following information to our school: 
  1. 2023 Fall Semester Grades
  2. STAAR/Map Scores
  3. Two Teacher Recommendations-One from a Humanities teacher (ELA or Social Studies) and One from a STEM teacher (Math or Science)
This digital application form will allow you to complete all of the following pieces of the admissions process:
  1. Check your zip code to ensure you are in AISD boundaries and eligible for the Magnet Program.
  2. Sign up for an essay session.
  3. Upload any 504 or Special Education testing accommodations for the essay session.
  4. (Optional) Upload your 2-minute Video Interview.
Step 3: Attend one Essay Session
Students applying to Kealing and Lively can write their essay at either campus as we will share results. Please sign up for your Essay session through Lively's Part 2 Google Form. Students can test in-person at Lively or virtually at Kealing on the following dates: 
Essay Session Date: December 2, 2023
9:00-10:00 am
11:00 am-12:00 pm 
Essay Session Date: December 9, 2023
9:00-10:00 am
11:00 am-12:00 pm 
Essay Session Date: December 16, 2023
9:00-10:00 am
11:00 am-12:00 pm 
Students ONLY applying to Kealing and would like in-person testing, may sign up for an in-person test session using this link
More Information about the Admissions Process
Students applying for the Lively Magnet Program are assessed by a committee of teachers and administrators on the following criteria:
  • Fall 2023 Grades + Two Teacher Recommendations (1/2 of total score)
  • Essay-Written during In-Person or Virtual Admission Testing in  December (1/2 of total score)
  • (Optional) Virtual Interview-Students record this at their home and turn in by February 6th (Optional- scoring is combined with Essay for 1/2 of total score)-This video is UNIQUE to Lively's program.
  • We will be using 2023 STAAR data to determine whether applicants meet a minumum threshold in reading proficiency to meet the demand of an advanced academic program. 
More Details: Application Process Part 1
We require all AISD families to utilize the Enroll Austin application page which will pull your student's STAAR/Standardized test scores and grades. This will also enable you to send teacher recommendation forms to your student's teachers.  Out of district families will create a parent portal account to complete the Enroll Austin process. IF YOU ARE ALREADY ENROLLED IN AISD, PLEASE BEGIN THE PROCESS ONLINE! HERE IS HOW:
  1. Go to the Enroll Austin
  2. Complete the application process. Make sure to rank your school choices, with your #1 being your top choice. 
  3. When you submit your application, the following components of the application will automatically be forwarded to us:
     -General Student Information
     -Grades for the 1st two grading periods of Fall 2023
     -STAAR testing data (most recent)
   5. Complete Lively's Part 2 application. 
      -Select a essay test session date.
      -Complete a 2 minute video interview (optional)
RESIDENCE REQUIREMENTS: Please note that according to AISD School Board Policy, applicants must show proof of residence within the AISD boundaries by the application due date. This proof may include documentation indicating that the student's family will occupy a residence that has been purchased or leased within 45 calendar days of the application due date. Residence within AISD boundaries must be maintained in order to remain in the Lively Magnet Program. If a student moves out of AISD while attending the program, he/she will be allowed to finish the semester in the program. Principals or directors may request proof of residence at any time. If you submit a transfer request for a priority or general transfer prior to applying to this program, acceptance into this program will supersede an approved priority or general transfer. 
More Details: Application Process Part 2
Families must fill out the Google form. This digital form allows you to receive information, sign up for an essay testing session, and upload any application materials and testing accommodations. Families using the digital application do not need to turn in any paper materials. 
Lively Magnet Application Part 2: Fill out the complete Google form, which includes: 
  • Check your zip code to ensure you are in AISD boundaries and eligible for the Magnet Program.
  • Sign up for an essay session.
  • Upload any 504 or Special Education testing accommodations for the essay session.
  • Upload your 2-minute Video Interview (optional)

Contact the Lively Magnet Office by phone (512) 414-3207 ext. 70382 or email at if you have any issues.



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