Sarah Beth Lively Middle School

Dual Language Program

Lively Middle School is proud to have the largest Middle School Spanish Dual Language Program for sixth through eighth grade students in Austin Independent School District. Dual Language is an extension of Lively's Mission, “To provide educational opportunities that inspire global thinking and social responsibility.” Many Lively Dual Language students also participate in Lively’s Law and Humanities Magnet Program.

In Lively's Dual Language Program, students take a Spanish for Spanish Speakers class from sixth through eighth grades and another core content class in Spanish, which have included Mathematics, Science and Social Studies classes. In addition, Lively Dual Language students have the option to take the Latin American Studies elective, taught in Spanish. Lively Dual Language 8th graders take Advanced Placement Spanish Language and Culture IV, the only College Board AP class available at the Middle School level. Upon successful completion of AP Spanish Language and Culture IV, students leave Middle School with 4 high school language credits. Students who choose to take the Advanced Placement exam in May of their 8th grade year may also earn up to 12 college credits. In May of 2020, of the 55 Lively eighth graders who took the exam, 96% qualified for college credit, scoring a 3 or above with a mean score of 4.05 out of 5. The Lively community is proud of our 8th grade AP Spanish students who have historically scored very well on the AP exam. Each year, more of our Lively Dual Language students are also choosing to continue their DL education career into High School, working toward a Biliteracy Seal upon graduation.

How to Apply

To access the information for applying for Dual Language and the information packet, please visit:

On this page, scroll down to the Middle School section and you will find instructions for applying within the AISD Parent Cloud or by paper (if you are outside of the district.)