Sarah Beth Lively Middle School


Human Sexuality and Responsibility

The district’s sexuality education program has been established to provide information and skill development for students in Pre-K through grade 12 so that they may reach their highest potential for physical, emotional, mental and social health. The district’s core values of high expectations, respect for the individual, resources to support student needs, and shared ownership and commitment. 

Middle School Health Requirements

  • Physical education teachers are responsible for teaching most of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for health education.  
  • Health and sexuality curriculum lessons are taught through middle school science. Science teachers should send home a form allowing parents to opt-out of this curriculum in advance of the unit.  
  • Students may earn the .5 high school graduation credit by taking the Health Education course (#6931) in eighth grade if it is offered at their campus.


Human sexuality and responsibility scope and sequence/unit overviews

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Family opt-out letters- English

Family opt-out letters- Spanish