Sarah Beth Lively Middle School


Lively offers dynamic programs where students are challenged and supported in our historic and beautiful setting. All students are welcome to enroll in diverse academic electives, and award-winning fine arts and athletic programs. Lively's dual language program provides students athletic programs. Lively's dual language program provides students the opportunity to become bilingual, biliterate, and bicultural through high-level cognitive instructional practices. The dual language program is open to students who completed a K-5 dual language program at an AISD elementary, or by placement test. Dual language students have the opportunity to take a range of advanced placement classes and can earn both high school and college credit. Our humanities and Law for international Studies Magnet Program offers advanced academics and is the only program of its kind at the middle school level in AISD. The three strands of Law, Humanities, and International Studies provide the basis for a wide array of unique academic electives that prepare students for high school and beyond. Students who are accepted in to the magnet program enroll in accelerated language arts and social studies courses where they enjoy cross-curricular, project-based learning that is literacy intensive. All students can take courses for high school credit, including algebra, geometry, and a variety of world language, preparing them for success in any high school setting.


Follow this link to the Choice Sheets and the Course Descriptions for the School Year 2021-2022


Regarding high school credit courses taken in middle school

A middle school student may withdraw from a high school credit course for which a state (End of Course) EOC exam is required by the end of the fourth week of the fourth six weeks of the course. A middle school student may withdraw from any other high school credit course by the end of the fifth week of the last six weeks of the course. The final semester report card must reflect the new course to which the student transferred. If the scheduled is changed within the above guidelines, then there will be no impact to the student's high school transcript.


Grading and Reporting: Specific Guidelines for Secondary Schools: re-taking a course

A student will not be permitted to retake a course for a higher grade once the student has met the minimum passing standard of the course. However, with principal, counselor, and parental approval, a student may retake a course for instructional purposes only on a pass/fail basis. The repeated course will not count toward state graduation credit. [See EHDB(REGULATION), EHDC(REGULATION), and FD(REGULATION)]


For complete info see attached pdf (please link)


High School credit courses - other important points

Algebra is an EOC exam course 


Spanish, French, Japanese, Geometry, Keyboarding and Health are not EOC exam courses. 


For complete info, click here. (PDF)